Combating addiction is now easier than before as medical science is progressing day by day and coming up with new treatments for curing addiction. However, that doesn’t make addiction any less harmful. The situation in our country is getting worse when it comes to addiction syndrome. And it needs to stop before the situation can get worst. Unluckily, addiction treatment suggested by suboxone doctors near me isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach.

And it is pretty understandable as addiction also has different types. There is also the fact, that different people respond differently to a treatment. So, all in all, getting better when you have an addiction is not an easy job.

With the help of different addiction treatments and experienced suboxone doctors, you can better within months and lead a normal life easily. Below are some of the best addiction treatments that have been proven profoundly helpful.


Detoxification is kind of a basic and must-have procedure in all clinics. In this process, the doctor uses medicine to wash out all the drugs from the patient’s system. This medically-assisted therapy is also helpful for reducing all the residue and toxins left by the addiction. After that is done, more medication is prescribed to the patient for coping with the withdrawal process. Said sublocade withdrawal process can be done with any powerful medication but during that time, the patient will be under supervision as they can also abuse these medications.

Contingency Management Therapy

CM or Contingency Management therapy works best as it uses the reward system for reinforcing good behavior in patients. To explain it simply, the patient is given rewards like money or gift vouchers to promote an expected behavior. For example, if the patient has been sober for a certain period, then he or she will be rewarded by the therapist. Such techniques have been proven effective as the human mind is wired in such away.

12-Step Facilitation

This is a form of group therapy that was formed to encourage newly arrived patients to get inspired by previous patient’s success stories. Not only that but in such facilitation, people work together to get better by identifying the negative impacts of addiction without getting sublocade shot. The best thing about this type of therapy is, people, meet others just like them, so they can learn the best way to cope with cravings. Many patients refrain away from such social therapies as they are afraid of being judged.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT is a valuable treatment tool, according to American Addiction Center. This therapy given by suboxone treatment doctors is not only used for drug addiction but all type of substance addictions as with is the patient can exchange negative behavior to positive ones. The patient will learn how to cope with their cravings and relapsing thoughts. They will also learn to prevent relapsing by catching themselves on the act.

Couple Therapy

Couple therapy treatment for suboxone addiction is specially designed for those who have been facing relationship problems due to addiction. Drug addiction doesn’t only change the person’s life but all the lives revolving around that person. And their spouse gets most effective by this habit. So, attending couple therapy becomes their last resort to call amends and work together for building their relationship again. With the therapist’s help, the couple can learn how to discuss their problem and come up with a solution in a constructive way.

Medication Treatment

Continuing medication is important for long-term sobriety. This is essential even after the patient has got out of suboxone addiction treatment, as the chances of relapse become high at that time only. You have to take all the prescribed medication stated by the doctor for as long as they have prescribed it. This medication will keep the cravings away, help you with withdrawal symptoms that can last for a year, and improve mood altogether.