Have you been thinking about buying a Bioforce Home Gym or Tony Little’s Bio Force Extreme ?

Well before you blow your hard earned cash on these home gyms take a moment to read this article. A friend of mine recently called me up and asked me my opinion about the Bioforce Home Gym … I told him I knew nothing about it, but what he told me and all the TV infomercials got my curiosity up.

I’ll be candid with you I am no big fan of the expensive home gyms that I see on TV or in sporting goods stores. For the most part they are poorly manufactured and severely OVER-PRICED.

So with much reluctance I took a drive down to the local Sports Authority (SA) to check one out.

Here are the things I liked and disliked about the Bioforce Home Gym:

1. It is a sturdy piece of equipment when compared to any of the Bowflex home gyms sold at SA (I have yet to see the Bowflex Revolution) and I would imagine on TV or their web site as well.

2. The lat pull down attachment was well constructed and the handles were made of good quality.

3. The unit itself is not light in weight (it weights 174 lbs. fully assembled) but I guess that is to be expected since you don’t want it falling over on you while you are exercising.

4. I asked the sales associate at the store about how easy it was to assemble and he stated that the Bioforce Home Gym people say it only takes 1.5 hours but he had assembled the one on the floor and it was closer to 2.5 hours.

He did mention that the instructions were easy to follow and complete. Also, he stated, that they do provide all the tools necessary for assembly. A nice feature I must add.

5. The unit itself is not small by any means so you probably will need a good sized room to put it in. The assembled dimensions are 52-3/4″ L X 65″ W X 82″ H. It is tall so forget about putting it in the interior of your home if you have low ceilings or in your basement. You will need to devote one room as a fitness gym for this big unit.

6. I did get a chance to look at their training manual and here I was VERY disappointed! They advertise more than 100 exercises… the truth is that many of the exercises are simply doing the exercise with your other hand, as in the case of a biceps curl. They count the right hand as one exercise and the left hand as exercise number two. This is one area they fail miserably how can you get a good workout?

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