If you have been surfing the internet for fat loss and fitness information, you might have come across a piece of software called Body Bot created by fitness expert Ryan Lee. It is supposedly an online program that lets you build your own customized workout plans using the exercise videos that Ryan recommends.

1. Why I Thought the Body Bot Might Be a Scam

I must say that I looked at this program very skeptically when I first knew about it. I had a lot of doubts about whether the 4 minute workouts would be useful at all, and whether or not this was just another marketing tool to make money from the fat loss niche. Since I had a busy schedule and I was having a hard time losing the fats on my stomach, I eventually decided to give this software a try.

2. What Does The Body Bot Do Exactly?

It is an online based interface that allows you to create 4 minute workouts quickly, each one based on your own needs. Your workout is split into 8 sections of 20 seconds each, while the remaining time is divided equally between each exercise for rest.

The benefit of this program is that you get all the exercises that Ryan is famous for, which are his short and intensive exercises that is the reason why he has been featured in men’s health magazines. With the step-by-step videos demonstrations, I have no problems with understanding how I should perform my workouts.

3. My Experience with the Body Bot

Overall, I have found Body Bot to be very easy to use and the workouts have been very explosive and effective at burning my stomach fats. With this piece of software, you will find that you won’t have anymore excuses for not exercising due to your busy schedule or any other reasons.

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