Nearly everybody hates a chubby midsection. A lot of folks are willing to try the latest equipment or machine that targets the abs. One of the latest gizmos on the market is the Ab Rocker Body by Jake. The real question is does it work?

What It Looks Like

It is relatively small, measuring 2 feet wide and 5 inches tall. It has a soft, black pad with two handles on each side. The handles have been created to support the user when he or she is doing crunches. In fact, the Ab Rocker Body by Jake does not offer a new technique for building that coveted six pack. Actually, the design is based on the age-old exercise – crunches. Crunches have been the best way to lose that belly for a long time. In essence, it serves only as a tool to do crunches, making it easier for the one who is working out.

How It Is Different

Using the Ab Rocker Body by Jake is better that simply doing repetitive crunches. During crunches your body tends to move up and down with the momentum. Also, with crunches, you are expending a lot of energy while not exercising the abs effectively. In comparison, if you use the Ab Rocker Body by Jake, you can use the handles for support, and while exercising you zone in on your abdominal muscles. Of course the infomercials claim that 1 set of 12 repetitions will get you a six pack. That’s absolutely untrue but, if you use this product in conjunction with proper diet and other resistance exercises you will strengthen your core significantly and the results will show.

Certain Issues

While there are many people who seem to be impressed about the product, there are also some people who think that using it alone will not suffice. It’s primarily because it only targets the abs and does not cover other parts of the body as well, therefore not getting the perfect shape that one wants to have. Yes, for those who just want to get the six pack abs, they might like the idea of this equipment. However, for those who want significant weight loss, it is not the best answer.

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