You have a party to attend at short notice. You haven’t been to the gym in months because of too many other commitments. You have packed on the pounds and you don’t know what to do. Things aren’t as bleak as you might imagine. Millions of women around the world have used body shapers to hide the bumps and bulges and look fabulous at short notice.

Many women in fact swear by these products as they have tried every diet and exercise schedule to lose weight and are no where close to ideal body weight or shape. With the ideal body shaping products they have gained new confidence and a very sexy look. Let’s find out the good and bad aspects of these shape defining wear.

Advantages of body shapers:

1. In 10 minutes you will drop 2-3 sizes. It takes about 10 minutes to wear the shaper.

2. It gives the wearer a nice figure. It is almost like you had a plastic surgery with nips and tucks to get rid of all un-wanted fat.

3. Body shapers are perfect for those with back problems. The shaper gives great back support.

4. After the first time you will need about 2-3 minutes to wear it.

5. You get the curves, lifts, tucks and compression at all the right places.

6. Many women feel a instant boost in their self-confidence. It gives them a positive feed-back and many tempted to gain permanent figure through proper exercise and diet.

7. You lose your love handles and sagging breasts. Your tummy no longer looks like you are ready to pop.

8. You are free to do whatever you want while wearing shape-wear.

9. Many women have reported losing inches by wearing body shapers for 4-6 hours per day and not doing any other form of exercise.

Disadvantages of shape wear

1. The first few times you need help getting into these shapers.

2. You have to set aside some extra minutes as it takes time getting into them.

3. Don’t wait till the last-minute before you take a bathroom break. The hooks are tricky to deal with.

4. The shaper can feel tight around the waist and tummy.

5. The whole body shape wear is rather pricey.

6. You might want more than one of these products as you will love them so much once you start using.

No longer do women have to go to parties and other do’s feeling insecure and dowdy because of their body shape. These body shapers have contributed to increasing self-esteem of women world-wide.

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