Convince Seniors it's Time for Adult Diapers - Seniors Prefer Homecare

There might be a lot of reasons behind the denial and embarrassment that would make it a tough task to wear incontinence pads for the elderly. Some factors are not in their control and you would need a lot of patience as a family member or a caregiver to work through the issue. If you are planning to buy the best incontinence pads, Australia, you could find many brands and shortlist one of them to buy the preferred and budget-friendly ones. 

Take a look at some of the reasons why the elderly feel reluctant to wear incontinence products.

·         Diminishing sense of sight and smell

Our senses begin to naturally weaken as we age and the seniors might not be aware of how soiled their clothing and furniture would be. Even if they realise that they have had an incontinence accident, they might try to downplay it and try to continue using the same clothing when it needs to be changed. This happens as they do not realise the impact that incontinence has on their presentation. They might feel that incontinence protection might be unnecessary, especially if they do not leave the house or have visitors. It is a tough task to handle but informing a loved one about their body odour might sometimes become offensive. However, it should be put across without any hesitation. Some elders might feel too embarrassed when they realise that others have found out about the incontinence issue they have been covering up for some time. Make sure that you break the news of incontinence or need for a change of clothes or diapers respectfully. 

·         Depression might contribute to this

If your loved one is not embarrassed or concerned over their appearance or smell, then there might be an underlying issue. Loss of interest in personal care, socialization and other activities might be the symptoms of depression. Screening for depression should mandatorily be done to your loved one’s visit for a check-up with their physician. If you notice the symptoms between your visits, it is very important to make an appointment at the earliest. This would help in boosting their self-esteem and would encourage them to socialize more.

·         Dementia could be to blame

If they are in denial, screen for dementia as it might help. Even if you try to reason with them, cognitive decline could be a factor that will not allow the elderly to make wise decisions about wearing incontinence products, changing their clothing and thinking about self-care. Fix a doctor’s appointment and carry out a full evaluation regarding memory issues for signs of dementia. Early diagnosis can help in proper planning and care. 

·         If everything fails, let them work it out by themselves

It is possible that all the steps mentioned above might not at all help for family or caregivers. Our elders have to take care of their lives and make their daily choices. While our suggestions might mean them good, we would be helpless if they are reluctant to make their own decisions. Thus, allowing them to work it out by themselves would be the best thing to do.