With so many different types of trampolines on the market, how can you decide which trampoline is good for you? Will it be safe for the kids and will it be big enough for the whole family? It can even go as far as what shape should you have? It can depend on several factors, some of which, we will cover in this blog post. 

How much space do you have?

The very first thing to find out is how much space you have. Having a trampoline is an outdoor activity so you should measure your garden to find out how much space you have. If you have a large garden, you can take into consideration how a trampoline will fit in with the rest of the garden. If your garden has a dedicated play area, you can measure that area to find out how a trampoline will fit in well with other toys, swings or activities. 

If you have a smaller garden but would like to prioritise a trampoline, you should measure an area in which it could sit. This will help you to visualise how it could look. If you have a big or small garden, there are several things you should check for before purchasing a trampoline;

  • Flat and even surface – Having a flat and even surface for your trampoline is essential. The gradient of the surface should be no steeper than 3 degrees as this can be dangerous for the person on the trampoline. 
  • 2 meters clearance on each side – This is to ensure that there are no hazards around the area if there is a slip or fall. 
  • No obstacles or rubbish in the area – This can cause a trip hazard for when people are about to use the trampoline. 

Who will be jumping on it?

The shape and size of a trampoline may depend on who is using it. Will it be just the kids or will the whole family be jumping on the trampoline? Each trampoline will have a maximum weight allowed at any given time and many trampoline companies only ever recommend one person on a trampoline at a time. 

If you are opting for a trampoline for the whole family, you may want to consider a larger trampoline given the space.  

Which is the Best and Safest Trampoline?

Over our time we have reviewed many trampolines and the one that stood out the most was the Oval Springfree Trampoline. Springfree Trampoline have redesigned the trampoline to be safer and more fun than your conventional trampoline. The biggest difference is that the Springfree Trampolines do not have the conventional metal springs. Eliminating a lot of danger when bouncing on the side of the trampolines. 

Where Can I get Different Sized Trampolines?

There are many difference places which you can get a trampoline but as we have determined that Springfree is one of the best trampolines around, we have placed a couple of links below, showcasing the various sizes you can get. 

Once you are ready to get your trampoline installed and have chosen the right size for you. A lot of trampoline retailers can help you get your trampoline installed. If you don’t have the space and cannot accommodate a trampoline in your back garden, it might not be the right time to pick up a trampoline. If you can though, you definitely should!