The internet is flooded with books and sources which claim to help one achieve six pack abs in a matter of few days. Those who have fallen prey to these books or sources already know that it’s not a cake walk to achieve six pack abs. It requires loads of patience and dedication. Most importantly it takes time to build beautiful and appealing abs. Let me share with your 5 simple, yet very effective measures which will help you reach your goal of six pack abs very quickly.

Building the core muscles

First and foremost, one needs to build their core muscles around the abdominals. Instead of working the muscles regularly, include exercises like crunches, leg raise etc in your regime for 3 days a week.


After strengthening the core muscles, the next step would be get rid of the unwanted fat on the body. One can indulge in running activities as it not only helps one get rid of the unwanted body fat, but also builds endurance and stamina.

Lower your calorie consumption

Lowering your calorie consumption will demand the body to use the reserve power, thus eliminating fat deposits in our body. It’s important to work out regularly in addition to lowering your calorie consumption, in order to ensure that you do not lose your muscles in this process.

Increase water intake

Water helps one eliminate toxins substances from the body. To an extent, it also eliminates the frequent quest for hunger, thus aiding in the process of obtaining six pack abs.

Adequate rest

Your dream of achieving six pack abs cannot be accomplished if you do not provide adequate rest to your body. Make sure to sleep for at least 8 hours on daily basis. Remember, your body develops muscles while at rest.

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