You’ve seen the advertisements of television for the six second abs and you may be wondering what all the hype is about. This program is designed to help you tone and strengthen your abs in a series of six second workouts.

This is an exercise machine that enables you to do ab crunches without having to get down on the floor. It helps you to maintain a perfect form for an exercise program while sitting rather than lying down.

To do the crunch exercises on this equipment you click down three times on the machine and then make three click up again. Each click is a second apart and in the six seconds you will have done a perfect abdominal crunch. This program claims to give you the prefect workout for your abs by combining the right resistance with your workout.

To choose the resistance level you want, you just adjust the orange and yellow bands on the equipment to choose a resistance level between 15 and 55 pounds. According to the ads, this exercise equipment will help you to target your upper abs and your obliques. You can even do a reverse crunch to work on the lower abs.

Consumers who have purchased this abs product gave it mixed reviews.

Most, though, seem to be disappointed with their purchase and say that the bands do not have the resistance that is claimed. The ads say that you will actually feel your abs burning the fat, but most consumers say that is a false statement.

On the other hand, there are consumers who rave about the usefulness of the equipment and say that it has really helped them. These customers say that those who have had disappointing results were just not using the equipment properly. Before you go out and buy this machine, you should try one out beforehand to see if it is the right equipment for you.

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