Look if we want to achieve six pack abs then we have to eat the correct food right. I am going to share with you what foods are good for us and what foods are bad and why we need to stick to our six pack abs diet.

Firstly let me explain how the body works regarding body fat.

The #1 mistake people make is counting calories, your body needs calories to function and when it is starved of calories then it stores what calories it does get in the form of fat. So do not starve your body of calories.

OK now I have got that one of my chest here are the best foods to eat in your six pack abs diet:

#1- Try to eat lots of small meals throughout the day rather than 2 or 3 big meals, this way your body will be getting enough regular fuel to keep it functioning properly and will not leave you feeling bloated and your stomach will not be getting stretched so over time your stomach and fat will begin to shrink and you will soon see them six pack abs.

#2- Try to include as much protein as you can in your meals, your body needs protein to help it build up muscle, ie fish, milk, cheese, roast beef, roast chicken these are all high in protein.As a practical, rough guide, protein should make up about 25 percent of the food on your plate, but may vary depending on individual requirements.

#3- Eat as much natural foods as possible, ie nuts, fruit, beans, vegetables etc.These are nutrient rich foods and include many nutrients, fibre, potassium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C.

#4- Try to eat grains, these are a great source of energy and if you can try to eat whole grain which are made from whole wheat flour rather than white flour.

#5- Watch what you drink, if you are drinking anything other than water, plain tea, or plain coffee, you are venturing into the high-calorie zone. Even fruit juices are as full of sugar and calories as any soft drink.

Here is an example of a good daily diet plan:

1. BREAKFAST: (within about one hour of waking)

3 weetabix – with half a pint of semi-skim milk no sugar sprinkled on cereal

1 glass fresh orange juice

Tea or Coffee -no sugar and skim milk only


Tuna-salad sandwich (half tin tuna- water packed) with brown bread – 2 slices & no butter or margarine & only one level teaspoon of half-fat mayonnaise.

1 Banana


Rice and Peas (boiled rice)

Tea or Coffee (no sugar and skim milk)

Try using flavoured rice so its not so bland


Vegetable Puree ( homemade, includes preferred vegetables )

Diet pop/soda or cordial (no added sugar brand)


150 grams grilled chicken breast

1 large baked potato

large helping of mixed vegetables


Whole fruit (apple, orange or pear)

Non-fat yogurt


TOTAL FAT FOR DAY = 22 grams approx.

Now remember this is a great six pack abs diet but to achieve them six pack abs then you will also have to be willing to do some exercise.

If you follow these guidelines and stick to the six pack abs diet i know you can achieve them six pack abs.

So good luck.

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