Until final Autumn, I didn’t even get aspirin for ache. I try to remember telling the doc ‘pain is a messenger’ which aids the overall body recover. Oh, little one. That was in advance of I broke 4 ribs browsing in Australia, pneumonia set in and I experienced to have lung surgical treatment to preserve my everyday living. The type of suffering from obtaining your rib cage slice open is not a message, its a Remaining Observe.

The doc gave me anything he known as ‘the strongest narcotic regarded to man’ and I favored it. I was in three hospitals and arrived household with a renewed fascination in biochemistry. Why and how do morphine, codeine, heroin, cannabis and all the agony killers perform so correctly and effectively in the system? Becoming a mad scientist and tantric yogini, I am a large supporter of psychoneuroimmunology and the manufacturing of chemical substances in the body.

Pretty much almost everything the chemist or doc presents you is a copy of what your system in a natural way would make, and in my belief, a affordable copy. We can do improved. Practically all narcotics are derived from crops: opiates occur from poppies, cannabis is the flower of an herb. When our lives count on vegetation, the receptors in our mind are wired for one thing else. We naturally build a chemical Anandamide, also acknowledged as N-arachidonoylethanolamide an endogenous cannabinoid neurotransmitter. The identify is taken from the Sanskrit phrase ananda, which signifies bliss.

The explanation opiates and cannabinoids work so very well is that they suit specifically into the brain receptors that are intended for anandamide. Your body will make this things normally! Its synthesized from lecithin. I cry when persons inform me they take in egg whites. The yolks are pure lecithin, the bliss elements. You can also get lecithin by combining two very simple B nutritional vitamins, choline and inositol.

Anandamide is the chemical that offers you the “chills”, the tiny orgasmic thrill you get from noticing something lovely. It is the supreme suffering killer and a great deal more robust and additional successful than morphine. The problems with anandamide although is that is really quick lived in the body, so you will need to enable it out a minor.

Acetaminophen, a prevalent painkiller, works due to the fact it is a re-uptake inhibitor of anandamide. What that means is it retains the bliss molecules around for a longer time. Discomfort IS a messenger. It will help make the chemical as does training, meditation, tunes and appreciate. Acetaminophen assists maintain it all-around. And lecithin (choline and inositol) feed it. Higher levels of inter mobile calcium also contribute to large ranges of Anandamide creation.

So this is my prescription for do-it-yourself morphine: feed your heart, get a handful of grams of crystal choline and inositol with your Tylenol, try to eat your egg yolks, and toss in some chocolate (one more re-uptake inhibitor). I am not an ice product lover, but its loaded with egg yolk and typically has extra lecithin. So go for it.

My trainer Deepak Chopra endorses 12 hugs a day for optimum health and I suspect this could be mainly because of the anandamide creation. I want kisses.

Rx: 2 grams crystal choline and inositol, 1 gram acetaminophen, 2000 iu’s D3, a 50 percent gram coral calcium and connect with me in the morning.


Pleasure, Well being and Wealth!

Nancy Travis

CEO, Lotus Wellbeing, Inc./Lotus Liberty

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