Vibration Plates are now widely recognised as an effective tool to aid weight loss and tone and shape your body. The rapid oscillating movement causes the users muscles to flex, expand and contract at a rapid rate (even greater than during more traditional, intensive exercises). However, with a prohibitive price tag they have, until recently, only been accessible to those who can afford to attend a gym or health club.

BH Fitness are a leading manufacturer and supplier of a variety of home gym fitness equipment and in recognising the increasing popularity of Vibration Plate technology have launched a new range of high quality, affordable products to rival market leaders Power Plate and FLABeLOS.

The professional quality model is called the VIB PRO and it boasts a wealth of features normally reserved for a plate with a price tag in the thousands. This means you can get an effective, quick workout in the comfort of your own home.

What features does the BH Fitness VIB PRO Vibration Plate include?

As you would expect with a professional quality Vibration Plate, this machine offers a generous platform upon which to exercise plus to grab handles which can be used to aid balance throughout the workout.

The motor (which causes the plate to vibrate) is a powerful 3000w version and can be set to 60 different speed settings. This is important, because at a slow speed the plate can aid weight loss and at a high speed the vibrations help to tone and define muscle. There are also 9 pre programmed workout routines included with this machine. As with any exercise routine, variety is the key to your ultimate success, so such a broad level of speed settings is really exceptional.

One of the great features with this item is the ability for the user to create their own workout plans from their laptop and then programme these routines into the machine via a USB stick or cable. This is certainly not a feature found in any other sub £1000 vibration plate currently on the market.

The VIB PRO is currently supplied with an exercise chart and fitness DVD, so even if you have never used a vibration plate before you will be able to quickly get started thanks to these handy guides, which show you how to get the most from the equipment.

If you are keen to shape up your body, lose some weight, reduce cellulite and even lower your blood pressure then a vibration plate could be the perfect solution for you. With an affordable price tag and professional build quality and settings the BH Fitness PRO VIBE plate makes a great buy.

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