There are many small but significant items in our world that assist us during the course of our everyday lives. These practical little gadgets go almost unnoticed and are mostly an afterthought until they break or become worn and need to be replaced. Only then do we suddenly take notice of their importance.

Take for instance, the fitness enthusiast. For these “frequent flyers” of the gym or exercise facility, clamp knobs, handle knobs, shift handles and an assortment of other equipment knobs and handles are used continuously during their workout routines. Knob manufacturers and handle manufacturers are vital to providing exercise equipment OEMs with handles and knobs to meet the demands of the exercise equipment industry.

Those who spend time in a fitness facility are interacting with adjustable machines the entire time they are there. Whether working up a sweat on a treadmill or stationary bike, performing resistance training on a weight-bearing machine or lifting free weights, there is almost always a situation where handles and knobs are used to adjust some aspect of an exercise machine.

A Variety of Machines

Weight-bearing machines are designed to offer the user a controlled environment in which to lift weights. There are many exercisers who do not wish to work with free weights for a variety of reasons. They may have an injury where they desire more control of their lifting mechanics. Or they may just want to keep things simple and not have to move free weights to and from racks. Whatever the situation, many of these machines use clamp knobs to keep plates in place once a weight is selected.

Clamping handles and clamp knobs can also be found on machines that require “slide” adjustments, such as some of the leg machines. In cases like these, a clamp or knob is loosened so that a pad or brace can be slid into place and adjusted to fit the size or comfort level of the user.

In regard to cardio equipment, many of the treadmills and elliptical machines out on the gym floor have a series of adjustable knobs. On the older stationary bikes, clamp knobs are used to adjust resistance. But with the arrival of newer digital technologies, there are more buttons to push than knobs to adjust when it comes to the actual cardio machine settings these days. Regardless, knobs and handles will always play a prominent role for height and angle adjustments on cardio machines.

When it comes to exercise equipment, there is no getting away from knobs and clamps, even when performing the relatively primitive endeavor of lifting free weights. Benches still have to be adjusted for chest workouts; not to mention some of the height and angle adjustments needed for placement of the weight bar which are done in many cases with the use of clamp knobs or screw knobs.

Even non-weight bearing activities such as sit-up benches use equipment that is adjustable by knob or clamp. And of course, those multiple-exercise pulley machines are abundant with knobs, clamps and handles that control just about every weight setting and equipment adjustment imaginable.

DimcoGray is one knob manufacturer that services OEMs that make exercise equipment and machinery for other specialty markets. Of course, the average fitness club member won’t consider the handle and knob supply chain until he/she goes to make an adjustment to one of their favorite machines, only to discover the means to do so is unavailable.

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