It definitely seems like it’s too good to be true, but its not. Getting those six pack abs can actually help you grow taller and vice-versa. This is because the elements of your body that are involved in both processes are anything but independent on one another and – quite the opposite – are actually very dependent. This means that by working on becoming leaner and more fit in your goal to obtain those perfect abs can help you grow taller and by strengthening your core muscles and becoming more flexible on your journey to grow taller, you will see a reduction of fat and increase in muscle around your abdomen. It’s a perfect synergistic relationship.

Since the bulk of increased height often comes from the optimization of your spine and the components that make up your spinal column, your abdominal area is a crucial place to target for optimization as well. This is because your abdominal muscles don’t exist simple to make you look great on the beach without a shirt on, they are the protective, supportive wall that helps support your spinal column and give you the strength to carry yourself upright.

By strengthening your core, you are accelerating your progress in your grow taller exercises. By performing your grow taller exercises, you are strengthening your core. The two are not mutually exclusive and that is very good news.

To begin helping your body accomplish both goals at the same time, adhere to basic, no-nonsense, proven ab-training exercises as well as a complete regimen of height increase exercises including cardiovascular exercises, stretching exercises, and strength-training exercise. You diet – as always – will also play an immense role in helping you reach both goals as well.

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