A good triathlon coach has extensive racing expertise. This is necessary because it allows him or her to use this knowledge to properly train others. Additionally, a history of working with individuals of varying experience and fitness levels is also beneficial. Racing experience and the ability to apply it and teach others are characteristics needed by a triathlon coach.

A coach should first find out if the individual they are working with is familiar with the set up of the triathlon. The race normally includes cycling, swimming and running. All of these are done in succession, one following the other. There are variations on the distances of each part from race to race. If an individual has already signed up for the event they are training for, they should find out course details. The more specifics that are known, the easier it will be to properly tailor training.

After this, the trainee will need their fitness level measured. Someone without an endurance sports background will receive different training than someone who has already competed in long races. Training is designed to take into account the potential of each individual. The starting level, pace of work, and final goal are all determined on a case to case basis.

Other factors also influence training. Some of these are the motivation, time and energy an individual can devote to working out. Those who are able to work out every day follow a different schedule than those who work out less often. These are differences reflected in schedules that have nothing to do with ability, but with differences in lifestyle. Parents with full time jobs have less time and energy for training than single unemployed individuals.

These many different factors must be taken into consideration while creating a schedule. A longterm schedule includes pool, bike path, and track based workouts. Three different elements all exist in the race, so each needs building on and improvement.

Schedules should include short germ goals that track progress for each element. Speed and endurance should be continually measured. Workouts will vary in intensity and distance and will work on improving both over time. A nice balance is needed to gain the most benefit while avoiding activity related injury.

Good coaches know the triathlon well and are skilled at passing this knowledge to others. A program will be created that is appropriate for trainees experience and fitness levels. Building endurance and speed over time, individuals should then accomplish their goals.

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