Mixed martial arts (MMA) is very popular these days among men trying to get in shape while learning to defend themselves. Many bodybuilders are discovering the sport and like the idea of getting in shape while learning to fight better. Likewise, many MMA fighters are discovering the benefits of weight training to help in the fighting ring.

It should be noted that you could never really become highly advanced in both bodybuilding and MMA simultaneously. They require different energy expenditures and food/training protocols. But you can become a pretty good bodybuilder, employing MMA as a cardio technique to help you lose body fat while working to reach your bodybuilding goals. You’ll look good, and be able to handle yourself as well.


You’ll want to select one goal to come first – even if it’s only a “1” and “1A” sort of arrangement. Set your three bodybuilding days on the calendar. Set your three martial arts days on the calendar. Make them independent events – try to avoid adding weight training to MMA routines, and fighting to your weight training days.


Eat like a bodybuilder, but include additional carbs BEFORE your MMA workouts, and proteins AFTERWARDS in order to account for the additional strains you are putting on your body. Remember to include a great deal of clean, slow burning carbs for recovery. Also a nice casein protein blend at night will be of great help to heal your body.


If you are training as a bodybuilder 3-4 days per week, and as a fighter 3-4 days a week, your body is taking quite a beating, literally. Your central nervous system (CNS) is likely working very hard to recover from the heavy pounding of weight training, and the reflexive and striking nature of MMA fighting.

MMA and Bodybuilder are a unique marriage that is beginning to become a popular hybrid in sports today. See if it’s right for you! Just remember to train moderately, eat correctly, and get plenty of rest.

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