Best pull-up bars of 2021

It is good to be physically fit, especially when your job requires it so keep in mind that we all need to maintain a healthy body not only by eating nutritious foods but to work out as well. Sometimes, we don’t always need to go to the gym if we have tools and equipment at home, such as chin up bars or even a yoga mat but we may need consultation and supervision, too. Indeed, we have everything in the gym but some people prefer working out at home for personal reasons.

In my opinion, one reason why you prefer a home workout is due to comfort and convenience because your time is open. Aside from that, you do not need to pay a physical fitness coach regularly, though you can still hire experts when needed, and gym membership fees won’t be necessary as well. You may have saved something here but again, buying gym equipment may be a burden, too, and that will depend on what you want to use at home.

This might be one factor why a lot of physical fitness enthusiasts consider installing their pull-up bars on their door frames. Some of them may customize the design of this bar based on how they want to use it, while others simply purchase the usual ones. Anyway, no matter how it looks like, what you should learn to do is how you are going to install it on the frame even without using screws.

Pull Up Bar

This is an apparatus that you may use to strengthen your arms, back, abdomen, and shoulders. If you want to install or mount one at home, then you have to decide where you want to attach it. You may have to attach this equipment to your door and mount it on the ceiling or wall.

If you prefer on the entrance, then you may have it on the frame or jamb so this will depend on the style of pull-up bar that you want to have – read from to learn more about the parts. With the frame, you should hang the apparatus, while you need to clamp it inside when installing it in the jamb, which is the easiest way because screwing is not required. You can remove it when you want to, especially when you will use the apparatus occasionally.

However, you can only workout with a limited height since this will depend on the door’s height as well. So, if you are tall, then you may have to bend your knees as soon as you pull your body upwards. By the way, do not forget to check the max load that this bar can accommodate.

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Installation Overview

The first thing that you need to do is to take the necessary measurements of the door’s depth and width, take note that weight must be distributed evenly. Your second step is to gather and prepare the materials, such as the galvanized steel pipe for coupling as well as nipple with different measurements, detachable links, pipe insulation, duct tape, and a pipe wrench. By the way, you may cut the pipes individually if the size that you need is not available in the stores so make sure to measure accurately to come up with a successful DIY project.

For the third step, you may start constructing your apparatus by putting all the pieces into place and this is if you are making a customized design so accurate measurements would be your key to success. For those who bought a ready-made apparatus, all you need is to read the instructions given and follow them carefully. The pieces are usually dismantled so you must learn how to put them together just like how customized pipes are placed.

Duct tapes can be used to cover the pipes with insulation, which will help you with the gripping and will prevent you from making unnecessary movements while working out – find out why the grip is important. Make sure to hook the coupling into the lip of the door frame and use duct tape to secure it and do the same for the handles. You should consider leverage, balance, weight distribution, and secure installation for your safety and convenience, then I suggest you test before it for a longer time.