If you find yourself ready to climb into a whole every time you blush because you feel people are judging you or you have insecurities, it may be time to find cures on how to stop blushing. If this condition is allowed to grow out of control, you could find yourself suffering from a social anxiety disorder. The results can be panic or anxiety attacks and lead to an actual fear of being in social situations.

Before you start thinking about shutting down your social life, you have plenty of options to pursue that can alleviate your blushing issues. Many people choose to try and address the issue themselves by using self-help tapes. These tapes will help you develop techniques to fight off the blushing and quickly get it under control. If you still find yourself being embarrassed by your condition, you can take it to the next step and seek some medical attention.

You may consider seeing a behavioral therapist or undergoing psychotherapy. Your fear of blushing is an unnatural reaction to something it is quite natural. Understanding exactly what blushing is and how your fear of a developed may alleviate your anxiety. If you can understand that everyone blushes for the same reasons that you do, it may just be enough to help you overcome your condition.

It may also be something much deeper than that. If it is, talking to the therapist may help you get to the root of the problem and eventually he can openly discuss it and hopefully conquer whatever it was that caused you to be this way.

If the therapy and self-help techniques are not effective and define yourself not going into social situations and closing off your life, you may want to consider surgery. This is an extreme measure it can be very effective in decreasing signs such as facial blushing, sweating and other symptoms that are caused by blushing. This surgery has proven to be very effective in some patients and allow them to conquer their social phobia.

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