The drug has been a problem in California. With the growing users of drugs, it is essential to have detoxification. When someone gets addicted to drugs, they need to go through the process of drug detoxification. 

You can quickly get the center for Drug detoxification California. Detox lies to the principle when someone gets physically unwell, will be struggling to face any mental health problems.

Detox helps prevent addiction from the physical side, which allows the patient to recognize the psychological features due to addiction through the intense addiction program of Rehab.

What is Drug Detoxification?

Drug Addiction is ultimately a psychological phenomenon. It entirely depends on you as to how addicted you are to your drug habit. Addiction to drugs impacts human bodies, which makes them used to the drug substances present in their bodies.

Detoxification is a complicated process. It eliminates the substances of drugs present in the body. It is a medical intervention process that ends the presence of drug substances in a safety process. It is a step to eradicate drug abuse through the drug treatment process. 

When these drug substances are reduced and removed from the body, the brain adjusts it accordingly through the substances’ sudden drop. It led them to experience unpleasant symptoms, which are known as Withdrawal symptoms.

Process of Drug Detoxification

Detoxification is an essential step in drug treatment. A drug addict mostly fell the psychological burden through detoxification is a must. It affects the reduction of drugs and reduces the possibility of emotional, mental, and physical effects through the Withdrawal.

As every person uniquely takes the process of detox. The medically assisted detox includes two methods the Medical assessment and Withdrawal.

Through a proper medical process, the course of detoxification was held. The physicians conduct the process of looking at the appropriate health safety during the process. The methods were different with different drug types.

Medical assessment

It is the first step of Medical Detox for patients to get the proper medical assessment to get the exact picture of individual needs. 

In this assessment, the expert gathers the patient’s medical history and all the details of addiction and uses it to have the personalized detox plan.


When the drug is reduced from the body, a withdrawal symptom begins. The withdrawal symptoms occur when the body gets habituated to any substance that was consumed for a long time, and suddenly, it was stopped entirely or got reduced in dosage.

Withdrawal symptoms in various drugs types


These drugs include Ativan, valium, and Xanax. The withdrawal symptoms for benzodiazepines are palpitation, hand tremor, sweating, anxiety, sleep problems, and panic attacks. 

Synthetic Drugs

The synthetic drugs include synthetic Marijuana, and the withdrawal symptoms were only observed, infrequent users.


The opioid drugs include morphine, heroin, and the prescribed pain medicines like oxytocin. The withdrawal symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal cramping, sweating, muscle aches, agitation, and vomiting.

Club drugs

Club drugs include LSD (Hallucinogens), PHP, Ketamine, MDMA/Ecstacy, and GHB. The withdrawal symptoms of club drugs are severe mental and physical health complications.

A detox process lasts for a period of 7 to 10 days. It varies with every person who depends on the number of drugs consumed, severity of the withdrawal symptoms. 

A proper psychological therapy, detoxification takes place, which was aims to get rid of the drug abuse. Drug detoxification California was designed to reduce drug abuse among people.