Nothing can be more sexier on a body than a strong, flat, rock hard six pack. Every person wants to get abs as fast as possible yet only a few know how. You see there are exercises designed to help you attain the kind of results you desire with your stomach. There are two way of doing things- The hard way and the smart way. The hard way involves the old patterns of exercise which take a lot of time and produce results with time, and than we have the smart of exercising, This kind of exercising is the most effective and produces quick results. Read on to discover some of the most smart exercises you can do right now and achieve earth shattering results with your abs.

The situps- This might seem like a traditional exercise but you can do wonders with it if you know how to do it right. Now lets do this old traditional exercise the smart way. One of the best ways to get the maximum results with situps with minimum efforts it to put some weights on your chest. This would not only help you get better results within no time it would reduce the number of reps too thus saving you a lot of time.

The bent over row- This is another extremely effective way to build your abs and add definition to them too. Bend over slightly with your feet shoulder width apart. Make it a point to keep your back a bit arched and lean a bit forward, Now get a bar or weights and pull them up and squeeze your shoulder blades together as you life it up. This can be done only 5 minutes a day and you would see instant results within no time.

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