I was in a forum somewhere sharing thoughts about how Mike’s program, the Truth about Six Pack Abs, helped me with my last 50 pounds of weight loss…after I had hit a plateau doing my own thing at home, using only my knowledge as a trainer to lose the 100 plus pounds of fat I had packed on; and I realized that the one thing I learned from Mike wasn’t about fitness, or even dieting, per se.

In his most recent version of his eponymous The Truth About Six Pack Abs, he is as concise and articulate as ever about the value diet in the grand scheme of seeing that six pack. He points out, time and time again, that it doesn’t matter how many ab exercises you do – if you don’t get your nutrition in line, and if you can’t do the core exercises (squat, deadlift, bench press, front squat), you aren’t going to see those abs.

In fact, the point he hit home, and what finally made the difference to me over 2.5 years ago, is – its ALL about the food. For EVERYONE. I know – that seems very obvious – almost cheeky – but its dead on. Even those very rare 2-3 percent that he talks about, the smallest amount of the population that can actually see their abs, and the ones we are all trying to join. While they “might” be genetically gifted, the truth is that they have to be very lean to have their abs exposed, and the ONLY thing that gets the abs exposed, or keeps them exposed is a low body fat percentage.

He is honest when he states that some men can start to see the ridges in their abdominal muscles around 10-12 percent, with that six or eight pack showing at 4-8 percent. He is also very upfront stating that it is very difficult for most people to stay that low in body fat percentage. Women generally can look trim in the 14-16 percent range, where they looked shredded at 8-10 percent, based on the difference in body fat distribution. But again, he emphasizes that no amount of exercise can get you there, if your diet isn’t dialed in.

And while I, admittedly, have not attained the elusive 8-10 percent body fat (YET) to see my abdominal muscles, Mike’s Truth about Six Pack Abs, and his sincerity in helping people realize that diet is the key to making it happen – not some special exercise, supplement or powder, really helps me to realize I can get there too; even at 45 years of age, if I keep focusing on what and how I am eating.

The sad reality is that I spent nearly 30 years of my life, including my college education and my training and certification as a personal trainer, trying to figure out what workouts I needed to do, to eat what I wanted to eat…when the simplest way to look at it was eating for health and body weight…and doing exercise to feel strong and fit. All of that for $39 dollar? Sometimes it is hard to believe the answers can be so simple….

If you want to change the way your body looks – without spending hundreds of dollars on personal trainers – try Mike’s program. It’s sound, logical, honest and EFFECTIVE.

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