Performance 400 Treadmill is one of the latest top-rated treadmills launched by Proform Company in 2011. It blends with an innovating technology along with its high performance features. It is a piece of exercise equipment that is packed with lots of features that will surely build your muscles, improve your flexibility, strengthen your heart, lose some extra weight, and fatty deposits as well.

• Silent and Self Cooling Drive Motor

Performance 400 Treadmill has 2.25 CHP motor which utilizes an axial fan to lessen unnecessary noises and cools the interior components as well.

• Large Tread Belt

It has a size of 20″ inch in width and 55″ long that enables you to have a smoother and quieter performance in contrast with second rate tread belt.

• Excellent Cushioning System and Big Weight Capacity

This system is designed for you to have the most enjoyable, secure, and comfortable workout experience. Moreover, it can accommodate enough weight capacity with a maximum of 300 pounds since it comes with a sturdy tread deck.

• Other Features: Quick Speed and incline, iFit Live Compatible, Built-in Workout Programs and Handlebars Sensors

– Performance 400 Treadmill also provides you 0-10 mph quick speed and 0-10% quick incline specifications. On the other hand, the iFit Live which is powered by the Google map will provide you a virtual personal trainer for your motivational aspect while doing some workout routines.

– Likewise, the iFit live program can automatically control your speed and incline level. You can also have the option to customize your very own fitness workout program according to your preference since you can receive workout downloads coming from the internet and eventually can manage your own profile online.

– It also has 5 calorie-burn, 5 distances, and 5 timed workouts. In addition, it also offers Workout Intensity Control which is pretty efficient to use since you can adjust how high or low the intensity of your workout depending on your most desired performance level.

– Finally, the handlebars sensors are used to monitor present heart rate. This feature is a plus point aspect especially for a person with a certain heart ailment yet required to perform limited workout. In this way, he can have updates regarding his present health status and can prevent stressing his entire body too much.

Consider Proform Performance 400 Treadmill as your home exercise equipment because it offers a lot of exceptional features that will truly aids you towards staying fit and healthy at the same time losing your body fats.

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