The Stridewell 4450 recently started becoming recognized for the exercise equipments ability to produce impressive results for rehabilitation centers.

Patients are able to enjoy a low impact full body workout.

The seated quadrilateral Stridewell recumbent elliptical is ideal for rehabilitating patients as well as a great piece of fitness equipment for seniors.

The Stride Well 4450 proved over 16 different levels that are displayed on a LCD that is backlit.

You can choose to manually set a custom program or choose one of 10 other programs already designed into the system

Along with choosing different programs the Stridewell 4450 also provides an extensive array of feedback details such as your speed, time, distance, pulse, watts, heart rate and more.

The Stride Well also features some other amenities such as a water bottle holder and book rack to name just a few. The real secret with this machine is the low impact workout you can achieve without stressing the body.

Spend 10 to 15 minutes on this machine and you will be getting back on track and enjoying a great benefits a cardiovascular program can provide in no time.

The only downside I was able to see with the Stridewell 4450 was the price because this exercise equipment starts at around $4000. Your best best is to find a company that specializes in used exercise equipment because they often purchase excess health club inventory. Once the purchase the excess inventory they check to make sure the equipment meets or exceeds Lamar specifications and then resells the Stride Well for a profit often saving you 50% or more in most cases.

Sometimes these used exercise equipment companies get a shipment of new fitness equipment that they turn around and sell for deep discounts as well because they want to make room in their inventory.

So your next step is to review more about the Stridewell 4450 and contact the website I have listed below for more information.

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