Women… want some toned abs, you know, that sexy feminine look that makes men and women take notice? I’m going to share with you some “shortcuts” to flatten your abs.

Nothing too hard, but don’t mistake easy for lack of results… because these shortcuts get you some fast and incredible results with not a whole lot of effort and in very little time.

Toned Abs

1. Forget sit ups and crunches

Those 2 exercises don’t address the issue of the fat lying on top of your ab muscles. To flatten your abs, you need to burn off fat.

2. Use a hula hoop

Hula hoops target the whole waist and hips area and give you an incredibly sexy, feminine look. Think of classical beauty such as Marilyn Monroe… she had a soft, feminine sexiness to her. The hula hoop helps you get to that look.

Just twirl the hula hoop for 10 minutes a day. You can do it all at once or break it up into 1 or 2 minute mini-sessions. It doesn’t matter.

3. Jump on a mini-trampoline

I love this exercise because not only is it really convenient, but it works and tones the whole body. I save a lot of time by doing these during tv commercials. So if you watch a lot of tv or even just an hour or so, this would be a perfect compliment or even a replacement to working out at a gym. 20 minutes in short, 2 minute sessions would be a great start.

So follow those 3 things and you’ll get some nice toned abs… basically you’ll flatten your abs and create a beautiful, sexy, feminine look that is really appealing.

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