Everyone wants the delicious look of tight, toned, and well defined abdominal muscles. Good nutrition, abdominal exercises and cardiovascular conditioning are all requirements to achieve tight abs.

Great abs are not impossible to have but it takes commitment and following a good fitness program like Insanity with Shaun T or P90X with Tony Horton. In both fitness programs, there is an exercise DVD dedicated to core conditioning: P90X Ab Ripper X and Insanity Deluxe Insane Abs.

Which fitness program is best for you to achieve well-defined abdominal muscles? You will work hard, sweat, and feel the pain with both Ab Ripper X and Insane Abs. It may even take you some time before you can complete all the exercises on the DVDs.

Regardless of which fitness program you decide to do, you will love your tight abdominal muscles when you are done!

Insanity Insane Abs

With INSANITY Insane Abs, you can take your abdominal muscles to the next level in 33 minutes. You will work abdominal muscles that you never knew you had. Shaun T. starts you off with an insane warmup that will put your physical ability to the test with running, plyometric moves, t-kicks, and power jumps. After five minutes, you move to the floor but there is no laying down for these abdominal exercises! Picture yourself balancing on your buttocks with your legs out in front of you and raised, and your upper body off the floor at an angle.

All the exercises are performed from this base position, making these abdominal exercises very effective and difficult! Most of the exercises are unique and not familiar, but Shaun T. instructs you every step of the way. The Insane Abs exercises are tough but you need to push through it. Shaun T. helps you get through it by being an excellent motivator.

P90X Ab Ripper X

You may think 15 minutes is not very long, but with P90X Ab Ripper X, you will get an intense abdominal workout. Tony Horton does not waste a moment as he starts you off on the floor with “In and Outs”, the first of 11 exercises. Breaks are not included in this advanced abdominal workout. If you need a break, you will have to press the Pause button on your DVD player!

In P90X Ab Ripper X, most of the abdominal exercises are familiar, like Oblique V-Ups and Seated Bicycle. You do 25 repetitions of each one. Believe me, your abdominal muscles will be burning part way through!

The 15 minutes goes very fast. Tony Horton explains each exercise while making it fun and motivating.

Take Action

Tight Abs are not out of reach! Choosing the right fitness program, sticking with it, and eating a healthy diet will have you on your way to well-defined abs.

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