Dental implants are artificial tooth structures placed surgically within the jaw bone to replace missing tooth/teeth. These are generally made of titanium alloy and serve multiple purposes, such as replacing missing teeth or teeth, form support for dental bridges, or improving dentures’ retention. The implant consists of a screw that lies within the bone, and the crown portion visible in the mouth.

When Dental Implant Became Necessary

When is an implant necessary? Loss of teeth can affect your chewing ability and also worsen your dental health. It can lead to several problems, such as altered bite alignment, lowered chewing power, and reduced bite pressure. Additionally, teeth loss affects facial fullness. Replacement of the missing tooth/teeth hence becomes quite necessary.

Implants are necessary when the health of the neighboring tooth is a concern. It also becomes essential when aesthetics and better function are your highest priorities. Dental Implants, available now at, implants can be highly beneficial in denture wearers as it improves the process and retention of dentures.

What are the benefits of implants over traditional bridges? There are many benefits of implants when compared to conventional bridges. One of the commonest is the avoidance of trimming of healthy adjacent teeth. In traditional bridges, a missing tooth is replaced by placing crowns over the adjacent teeth to gain support. This means the enamel portions of the healthy teeth are trimmed and are covered with domes. The use of implants avoids this process.

Next is the improved function. As the screw is embedded within the jaw bone, it almost simulates the operation of the root of a natural tooth. Therefore, it can function better than a bridge.

Implants can replace any tooth/teeth while supporting teeth are always required to place a bridge. This is especially true in the case of second molars. A bridge cannot be placed if the second molar is missing and the third molar (or the wisdom tooth) is improperly erupted or is missing.

Better esthetics is the hallmark of implants. This is especially important in the case of front teeth. Implants impart a natural feeling to the crowns as they can closely mimic the natural teeth.

When is the right time to do implants? Anytime is the right time! Yes, implants can be placed anytime, provided the bone health and your general health are good. Studies (1) have reported that implants were victorious in a group of patients aged between 79 and 99 years. Therefore, implants can be placed in all adults, young, middle-aged, and old.

Implants can be placed immediately after an extraction. The implant tends to get stabilized faster in these cases. It can also be placed after many years of extraction.

In the case of individuals diagnosed with chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disorders, etc., it is better to get an implant placed when the condition is in a sound stage. Always consult with your specialist before undergoing an implant procedure.

How are implants placed? Implants are placed after preparing a small hole within the jaw bone. The implant screw is tightened, and a cover is placed. It is left to heal for a few months before placing the crown. Nevertheless, with the availability of procedures such as flapless implant placement, implants, and provisional crowns can now be placed within a day!