So, you want to know the best exercises for six pack abs?

Well, before I tell you 2 of the best exercises for eye-popping six pack abs, you need to know the ugly truth…

Your diet and what you eat will determine whether or not you get a six pack

You could spend all day exercising and in the gym, but if you consume more calories than you burn off, you’ll still end up with a layer of fat that you can’t shift, and it’ll hide all the hard work you’ve put in to your exercises for six pack abs.

So, if you want bullet-proof, head-turning abs, you need to create a caloric deficit by eating the right foods at the right times. Not sure how to do this? Don’t worry, I’ll show you later…

Exercises for six pack abs # 1 – Woodchoppers

For this exercise for six pack abs you’ll need to use a weights machine with a cable pulley system. Stand side on to the weights machine with your feet a little more than a shoulder-width apart. Grab the handle in both hands and drag the cable across your body, trying to focus on using your abdominal muscles and particularly your obliques. You should feel like you are sawing a tree or chopping wood (hence the name).

Repeat this exercise for six pack abs for about 10 repetitions and then switch round to do the same thing but on the other side. Start with a light weight and then increase as your muscles warm up, and you get better over time.

Exercises for six pack abs # 2 – Cable Crunch

This is a super variation on the traditional crunch, but adding some weights into the mix to spice things up and supercharge this exercise for six pack abs. Using the same weights machine as for exercise # 1, change to the long bar handle, and bend down with your knees on the floor. With the handle in both hands, hold it behind your head, and curl your body forward so you are looking towards the floor.

From this position, “crunch” down towards the floor using only your abs muscles. Repeat for 10 repetitions making sure you focus on good technique, and keeping the abs as tight as possible throughout.

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