What is Reference Point Therapy?

Reference Point Therapy is a relatively new technique for personal healing, growth and development. It is the creation of Simon & Evette Rose and is a method for clearing trauma, behavioral patterns, negative beliefs and emotional blocks. Reference Point Therapy is based on many key principles including:

  • everything can be sourced from within. There is no channeling, praying, downloading, tapping, touching, crystals, needles, herbs etc. required to practice the technique
  • that we inherit much of our trauma or emotional baggage from our ancestors (science of epigenetics)
  • that it is the r-complex, or reptilian brain that governs behavior (triune brain model) thereby making instant change possible

By acknowledging the above, the technique allows the individual or practitioner to root out the anchors holding negative behavior, emotions and beliefs in place, from their origin (or earliest reference point) and dissolve the negative associations made at the time the trauma occurred. When the trauma is ‘resolved’ i.e. there is only a prevailing sense of inner peace and quietness about the trauma incident, instant change can take place, which can be physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual in nature.

Reference Point Therapy helps bridge the gap between science and spirituality. Whilst the technique is based on solid scientific principles, its effectiveness is demonstrated by the spiritual law of attraction.

By releasing trauma, we can think of it as releasing the tone or vibration of the trauma being carried. If this tone or vibration is no longer ‘within’ an individual, by law of attraction, the individual will no longer attract the negative experiences that this vibration was bringing into his or her experience.

For example, if a man was bullied as a child, he may have been carrying within him victim-like energy. By law of attraction, this energy will attract into his life, further similar experiences. Perhaps he is the one picked on by his friends or co-workers. Perhaps he is being abused by a partner or a boss or even he is the one who is always taken advantage of in his day-to-day dealings. Until the trauma has been released, he will continue to attract these negative experiences into his life.

And in this example, what if this victim energy was actually passed down via his ancestors who they themselves had endured a holocaust, slavery or some other form of persecution?

Reference Point Therapy acknowledges this link and how vital it is in order to heal or transform a pattern of negative experiences or behavior. Combined with the ability to tap into the r-complex, transforming the victim-like vibration can instantly change the way this person thinks and behaves. Imagine what life could be like for this person after this transformation?

Reference Point Therapy can be applied to almost any aspect of a persons life to help them achieve balance, freedom, abundance, peace and security.

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