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  • Simone Biles, 23, posted two new swimsuit photos to Instagram, and she’s looking insanely fit.
  • The gold medal-winning gymnast’s sculpted abs are the focal point of both pics.
  • Simone has been keeping up her training with more body work and twerking workouts on Youtube.

Simone Biles, 23, and all the other Team U.S.A. gymnasts had to wait a bit longer than usual to show off their routines at the Olympics. Or, did she? The gold medalist has been tumbling, flipping, and impressing fans throughout 2020, no games required.

Simone’s routines are always rock solid, and so are her abs in two new bikini Instagram photos. She’s looking super strong and competition ready. Her abs are the definition of six-pack—or 8-pack, if you’re getting technical.

Naturally, she’s not concerned about maintaining her strong bod while training for the Olympics, despite the 2020 sporting event being postponed. “But mentally going another year I think that’s what’s going to take the toll on all of us,” she told Today. “We have to stay in shape mentally just as much as physically, and that will play a big factor moving forward, listening to your body and your mind.”

LA 💙

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So, what are the quarantine workouts that are working so well for Simone?

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“I’ve been doing more body work, so, abs, arms, legs,” she told Today. “The other day I did a Youtube, it was like a twerk workout, I guess. Yes, it was a twerkout! But it was a lot of squatting and conditioning, so I got my legs going, and walking my dog. We’re doing press handstands and handstand holds and stuff like that.”

Those workouts mainly go down BTS, but lately, she’s been showing off her superhuman stunts on the ‘gram on the reg. These feats are unfathomable to normal humans, like you and me, and even impress rockstar gymnasts.

Take a look at this gravity-defying stunt:

Or, this “triple double,” which she totally nailed in June. She flips so many times, I’ve officially lost count. Btw, when Simone landed the triple double off the beam in competition in 2019, it was named “Biles II” in her honor.

triple double 🤪

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Brb, heading to Youtube for a twerkout.

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